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Our online programs

In this masterclass you will discover in which situations you are at your best, what working with your talents means and what strategies you already have available for times when the going gets tough. As a result, you will have a set of personal ‘ingredients’ that you can apply anywhere. As you are used to from us, we do this by combining introspective work with kick-ass practical tools.

  • Online masterclass, also available in app
  • Workbook with inspiring exercises
  • Podcasts and transcripts

147 euro

ex VAT/btw

Ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands.

Work on your terms program

Are you totally dedicated to your job but do you think twice before saying or doing what you think is right? Do you sometimes feel that you just work hard day after day and that there must be other, better ways?  This is an ideal program for people like you – working or having worked in a corporate / organizational context. We will bring you to the point that you will be working on your terms.

  • 6 modules packed with insights and tips about working on your terms, also available in app
  • An inspiring and complete workbook
  • Podcasts and transcripts

 835 euro

ex VAT/btw

Ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands.


We can design bespoke programs for you. We also offer 1:1 coaching/ face to face group sessions.

In your own time, at your own pace, at your convenience.

Our programs bring together the best of what we learned in our combined four decades of work. We will provide you with the insights, tools and strategies that we have been obsessed with since discovering them. Our belief is that they will change your life. We are humble enough to know we don’t have all the answers but we can promise you: we will get you to a place where you can find yours.

Our programs are all about enabling you to design the conditions and context where you flourish. The context doesn’t rule you, you rule the context.