Ready to work with more flow and energy?

Start using all your talents and energy as of today.

Sounds familiar?


  • You want to achieve results and make an impact in a way that feels effortless
  • You want to be encouraged, someone who thinks along with you on how you can use your talents and experiences
  • In difficult situations you want to be able to rely on what your internal compass tells you
  • You want to know who you want to be in your work, not necessarily what next job you want to have
  • You want to come home in the evening filled with energy and satisfaction

About the masterclass

In this masterclass you will discover in which situations you are at your best, what working with your talents means and what you already have available for the times when the going gets tough. At the end you have a set of personal “ingredients” that you can use anywhere.


What will you learn in this masterclass:

  • You make an autobiography of your working life in a few steps
  • You learn to see in which situations you are at your best.
  • You discover what working from your talents means
  • You find out what strategies you already have when it comes to difficult situations
  • You learn how to use these ingredients anytime and anywhere
Work on your terms program

What’s included

  • Videos
  • An inspiring workbook
  • Podcasts and transcripts

“This masterclass is fantastic. It forced me to finally sit down and set aside 30 minutes to find this inner wisdom. That was gold. I wish I had done it sooner.”


“I am so thankful that I did this masterclass. The atmosphere, the tone of voice feels so personal. I sat down with a cup of tea and since then I feel much more confident and decisive.”


“This.. this really is a gift to yourself. I encourage everyone to do it. “


Who are we

We are Annemarie and Tessa. Together we worked in business for almost 40 years. Our development conversations were mainly about what was not going well. Mentors and other people gave us tips that worked for them, but not for us. Sometimes we were more concerned with ‘to survive’ than ‘to thrive’. Everything changed when we started using what we teach you in this masterclass. We learned to tune in to the internal wisdom that was already there, but that we never made time for. We made better choices, had more fun and had more energy. We would love for you to experienc it too.