Done with ‘powering through’ and ready for something better?

Don ‘t try to play the game better , change the nature of the game

Are you totally dedicated to your job but do you think twice before saying or doing what you think is right? Do you try to ‘power through’? Do you sometimes feel that you just work hard day after day and that there must be other, better ways?

We did. We were bright, competent and enthusiastic. We had good ideas, the drive to make it happen. And yet, in our big organizations we seemed to get strangled by all sorts of forces. We either went to battle or retreated. In the evening, with friends, we knew how we wanted it to be. Felt that the spark come back. And yet, at work the same pattern of powering though repeated itself.

It took us 40 years of experiences, attending courses, reading books, having wine and coffee chats, nursing battle scars and celebrating victories before we understood how you can turn all of this around. And how you cannot get there by following a standardized corporate framework (that one-size fits nobody) but how you need to build a unique approach around how things work for you.

We sat down and looked at everything we learned. We were ruthless at filtering so that we only kept the stuff that really worked and made a difference. The tools and strategies we are still using today. That is what we bundled in this program.


Sounds familiar?


  • You have great ideas but achieving them feels like pushing water uphill.
  • You have development conversations that focus on your flaws, and you get recommended roles or projects that you don’t feel passionate about.
  • You want to take the time to develop yourself, but due to your full days you are too tired at the end of your day to do something with it.
  • Work keeps being added to your scope and you find it hard to say no to that additional workload,



  • You are leaving your current employer and you are not sure what your next step should be.
  • You are not sure what you want your working life to really look like.
  • You want to find a place of work where you can work, based on your strengths and talents?

This is included in the program:

6 modules packed with insights and tips about working on your terms.

This is the core if the program; on a video platform you watch the videos where we will take you through each module step by step. The videos take 90 minutes in total to watch.


  • In Module 1 you will figure out in which contexts you really flourish and we will unearth your (hidden) talents.
  • In Module 2 you will create a powerful image of your ideal future in two different ways.
  • In Module 3 we will have a look at your stories and how they can empower you.
  • In Module 4 & 5 we will take you though some key tools that you can start applying for yourself as well as in interpersonal context.
  • In Module 6 we will look at the wider context and how to plan your next actions so you can move towards your ideal future.
Work on your terms program

An inspiring and complete workbook

We created our favorite exercises and bundled them for you in a workbook. Here you will figure out and describe what your unique strategy looks like. It will become your go-to resource to remind you of your path. It also has some nice inspirational messages!

Podcasts and transcripts

We cater to all different learning styles , so if you prefer to listen over watching a video you can totally do that! If you learn by reading – every video has a transcript just for you!

EURO 835

ex VAT (no VAT applied outside of EU)

“I need to say a big thank you to you. I made the constellation and spent some time reflecting. Result? I linked the party that was ‘in my court’ to the one that was blocking me and now the blockage has been removed. Thank you. It means a lot for me and helped to collect, collate and act in a systematic manner.”

Imran – Norway

“I just gifted myself this program that sounds amazing! I look forward to start working on my terms!”

Maya – Belgium

“The only program in my whole career that really made me think!”

Carine – France

“So many ‘ oh-my-gosh-YES-moments for me with this’. Am a huge fan and cannot begin to describe how much of a positive impact WOYT has had on me!”

Eveline – NL
“Amazing reflections!! This creates powerful habits…..”

Gerardo – USA

“I am sooo in love with the style and tone of your communications. So human if you know what I mean”

Nada – Kuwait

“I could use these tools and strategy immediately”

Priscilla – USA

“Tears in my eyes from feeling that I am not the only one that is experiencing certain things. Some immediate practical things I could do to improve how I work. Awesome.”

Gideon – NL

“I continue to be fascinated by your approach and the impact you have – and I could also really benefit from it. Thank you for the opportunity. So where do I sign..?! “

Alex – UK

“I already had soooo many epiphanies! “

Olivia – NL

Why this course is unique

Most programs just give you tools… which won’t help.

We followed many programs in our days and found that we learned what made other people more effective. That didn’t always work in our situation. It was either too theoretical or not applicable to our situation.

This program helps you figure out what Working On Your Terms means for you and what is going on beneath the surface so that you can use the tools we hand out in a way that suits you.

You follow this program in your own time and pace.

You follow the program on a video platform. The program consists of videos and a workbook. The videos are also available in podcast format for those of you wanting to move whilst they do the program. And of course there are transcripts if you learn better by reading. The program is catered to your learning style, deeply insightful and super practical at the same time.

Also: you will have unlimited access to this program once you buy it, meaning you can redo it whenever you want. 

High value for money.

Our programs are the results of years of coaching and mentoring and we have a combined 40 years of experience in the financial and corporate world.

You will get life changing insights and tools and strategies you can use today.

Your investment of 5 hours in this online program would cost you 4500 euros of private coaching time.