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Our 3 ways of helping you

We love sharing our knowledge and experiences with you. Some of that is free of charge as sharing is caring!


our insta-stories

We vlog about our (working) lives and share tips and tricks

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our podcasts

We have our own podcasts, each about the length of a decent coffee break

where we talk about things that we care about 

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our programs

With our programs we can impact many people at the same time.

Some programs run only a couple of times a year, 

others run continuously and can be taken via your device.

Programs start from 49 euros.

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Our Story

Been there, done there and didn’t get the T-shirt

Together we have spent over 40 years in some pretty traditional industries. We found we were kindred souls in wanting to make work a place where you can thrive, not merely survive. We would have discussions over coffee or wine and contemplate why we sometimes felt we were stuck in what we dubbed ‘Jurassic Park’.

Now (yes, a certain age does make you contemplate what you really want to do with your life…) we would like to share our victories and battle scars with you and hand you real tools so that you too can get to a place where you feel you are working on your terms.